Volunteering & Jobs

We are currently hiring for a part time position.  Candidate must be available to work Monday-Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The position for hire is for 1-2 days (8-16 hours per week) – which includes working on some Saturdays. Availability on Saturdays is very important for our operations. Part time benefits include a flexible schedule, store discount (25%) and sick time.
Preference given to career oriented retail workers with a proven track record in a customer service related field. In order to work at The Thrift Shop, all staff and volunteers must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
Useful skills that we consider important for this position: an eye for space and design, a flexible schedule and most importantly – retail/customer service experience. Ideally, you are fun, personable, and interested in working in a very busy non-for-profit retail environment. Duties include setting up displays, running a cash register, assisting customers, moving furniture and donation box lots and organizing and cleaning the retail space.
This position is physically demanding and requires standing on your feet for the entirety of the shift. Sales associates are tasked with moving boxes of household goods and bins of clothing to various storage areas within our facility. Associates should also be fit enough to move smaller furniture items with a dolly onto the sales floor and off the sales floor, as well as into customers’ vehicles.
Our customers and donors represent diverse and international populations, and the organization strives to include a staff that reflects this wonderful diversity. We believe that embracing staff with perspectives on marginalized groups must be centered in the work that we do. Thus, people of color, LGBTQ, women, and bilingual/international candidates are strongly urged to apply.
All proceeds from the shop benefit The Home for Little Wanderers- A family and child service agency whose mission is to ensure the healthy behavioral, emotional, social, and educational development and physical well-being of children and families living in at-risk circumstances.

Looking for work?  Please email a cover letter and resume to info@thriftshopofboston.org.

Interested in volunteering at The Thrift Shop?  If so, please fill out volunteer application (.docx file) and email to info@thriftshopofboston.org

Interested in volunteering at The Home for Little Wanderers?  Send inquiries to Jamille Benson at jbenson@thehome.org.